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Welcome to the Official Potterworld Wiki!

Salutations and welcome to the official Potterworld Wiki! This encyclopaedic resource provides more in-depth information about the PotterworldMC Minecraft server. Get to know every last detail about our Minecraft server, set in our unique wizarding world. Find everything you will need to know within these pages to help you get started, play, and thrive on the server. When you join the server, you will begin your journey as a newcomer student going to Hogsworth School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Then, you will undergo a sorting ceremony to be sorted into one of the four Houses: Griffins, Honeybadgers, Ravens, and Serpents. After that, your adventure will be up to you —whether you are an explorer navigating through the spacious world, searching out unique magical creatures, a potioneer or an avid flier, you will be able to discover all the most important information to help you succeed! 

Explore the pages below to learn all about how to become the best witch or wizard. To keep up to date with the latest rules and gameplay updates, or for gameplay help and support, check out the forums.

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About the Wiki

The Wiki is written and produced by the Scribe team. We are currently working with over 500 pages and over 2,000 edits. The Wiki is constantly being edited and updated with new information. See any incorrect information, typos, or want to suggest new pages? Please make a support ticket on the website or in-game with /t (message), make a suggestion on the forums, or reach out to a staff member on Discord.

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